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10 Soundbars Under $1000 For An Ultimate Home Theater Experience

10 Soundbars Under $1000 For An Ultimate Home Theater Experience

How do you enjoy your favorite movie without having to go to the cinema? It’s simple: invest in home theater systems. One of which you may want to consider is your soundbar. By getting proper home theater soundbars, you can experience stunning lifelike audio quality, making your viewing experience more immersive. 

If you’re looking for the best soundbars that don’t cost an arm and a leg, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we listed the 10 best soundbars under $1000. 

The 10 best soundbars under $1000

Don’t get us wrong: there are tons of quality soundbars in the market; each has their own features and price points. Upon making this list, we considered the key features you would want for an ultimate home theater experience: sound quality, aesthetic exterior, and controllability. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people stayed more at home, spending movie nights inside. Pandemic or not, getting yourself a home theater system will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite films anytime you want, with a sound quality that’s as good as in the cinema.

Samsung Soundbar T550

SAMSUNG HW-T550 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio / DTS Virtual:X (2020)
  • 3D SURROUND SOUND - The captivating experience of DTS Virtual: X turns your living room into a theater. Powerful 3D surround sound comes to life by recreating sound that makes you feel like you're in...
  • BLUETOOTH MULTI CONNECTION - Seamlessly switch between two different connected smart devices
  • BLUETOOTH MULTI CONNECTION - Seamlessly switch between two different connected smart devices
  • SMART SOUND - The soundbar detects what you’re watching and automatically optimizes the sound setting for the best entertainment experience
  • OPTIMIZED GAMING SOUND - Connect your console to the soundbar to boost your gaming experience. Optimize sound, while offering clear directional sound to gain the advantage

We’re starting the list with a soundbar from a company known for their top-notch smartphones and home appliances, Samsung. The Samsung Soundbar T550 has everything you could ever ask for in a soundbar. 

First, it takes your audio quality ten folds better than standard soundbars. It features 3D surround sound and powerful wireless bass. It also sports an optimized size for a better and more immersive TV viewing experience. 

Inside the soundbar are Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual:X technology that turn any room into a theater. The stunning and crisp sound will make you feel like you’re inside the scene.

With its multi-connection Bluetooth, you can connect two smart devices to the soundbar simultaneously, allowing you to switch between devices when listening to music, audiobook, or podcasts. The HDMI connection, on the other hand, allows for a richer audio experience. 

BYL Bestisan 2.1 Channel Soundbar 

120Watt Sound bar, BESTISAN 2.1 Channel SoundBar Subwoofer, Wireless Bluetooth and Wired Home...
  • New Arrival: Slim and understated Design, Wired Subwoofer for Deep Bass, High-Performance Connectivity, Big Power(Max up to 120 watt). Sound bar original advanced bass extension processing and...
  • 2.1 channel 120 Watt: The sound bar houses a digital amp and four cone speakers with large magnets to deliver booming sound with crystal-clear audio quality. Less than 1% total harmonic distortion...
  • DSP Technology: Thanks to the Digital Signal Processing, can raises the level of Movie/Music/Dialog while maintaining overall sound quality. Movies, TV shows, sports and news broadcasts are more...
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Transmission: Bluetooth wireless transmission technology, strong anti-interference, lossless audio transmission, 360-degree sound, let you have a high-quality home audio system,...
  • Make Your TV into a Home Theatre: This Sound bar turns your television into a complete home theater entertainment system. This is our new 2020, advanced technology and perfect appearance to make you...

The BYL Bestisan 2.1 has amazing sound quality and incredible features—it would be a mistake not to include it on our list of the best soundbars under $1000.  

This soundbar offers a powerful bass that produces rich and full sound, perfect for watching a sound-heavy movie or music. It has five input modes: Bluetooth, auxiliary, optical, coaxial, and USB, making sure you have multiple options for connecting. 

It uses the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect your soundbar to your TV seamlessly. Plus, it sports DSP technology, giving you easy access to three different modes: dialog, movie, or music. 

BYL Bestisan 2.1 is also compact in design. The wireless connectivity removes all the unnecessary clutter, too.

Lastly, this soundbar houses a digital amp and four cone speakers with magnets, delivering booming sound and a crystal clear audio quality. 


SAMSUNG HW-Q900T 7.1.2ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X and Alexa Built-in (2020), Black
  • 3D TRUE SURROUND SOUND (DOLBY ATMOS AND DTS: X): Explore the depths of sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Dual technology that captures each distinct sound as it flows above and around you
  • TRUE 7.1.2CH SOUND: Soundbar Q900T consists of 7 channels, 1 subwoofer channel, and 2 up-firing channels for enveloping sound, powered by 16 speakers. Wide range speakers are positioned at both corner...
  • Q-SYMPHONY: Breakthrough technology that synchronizes Samsung QLED TV speakers with the Q-Series soundbar speakers for fuller, more immersive, cinematic sound
  • ALEXA BUILT-IN VOICE ASSISTANT: Your soundbar comes with Alexa Built-in. Enjoy all the things you know and love about Alexa, with the advantage of powerful, optimized sound from your sound bar
  • ADAPTIVE SOUND: Soundbar Q900T analyzes your content to automatically deliver optimized sound based on each scene, letting you hear speech clearly even at the lowest volumes

Another incredible soundbar from Samsung is the HW-Q900T. This soundbar features 7 channels, 1 subwoofer channel, and 2 up-firing channels, all powered by 16 speakers. These wide range speakers are deliberately positioned at both corners of the soundbar, producing an expanded sound stage and delivering crisp audio quality from all angles. 

It doesn’t end there. With the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology, this soundbar delivers sound with stunning depth and captures each distinct sound as it wraps you. 

Designed, tested, and tuned at Samsung Audio Lab in California, the Samsung HW-Q900T is set to impress everyone. 

This soundbar also sports Q-Symphony, a breakthrough technology that syncs Samsung QLED TV speakers with Q-Series soundbar speakers for a more immersive and cinematic sound.

Razer Leviathan Soundbar System

The Razer Leviathan is one of the best soundbars under $1000. And if you’re looking for a soundbar that produces powerful yet crisp sound either for watching movies or gaming, then you must check this one out. 

This soundbar is more than capable of producing audio quality with stunning clarity. It’s a compact single speaker design featuring Bluetooth aptX technology. Experience the deafening sound of gunfire in every action movie. The Razer Leviathan has a powerful 5.25” downward-firing subwoofer that delivers epic bass and a soundbar with two 2.5” full-range drivers and two tweeters optimized to bring the sound into life. 

It’s all thanks to the Dolby technology inside the soundbar—you can hear everything that’s happening around you. 

All in all, we love the Razer Leviathan soundbar system. It’s perfect not only for movies but for gaming, too!

Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar

Sonos Beam - Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black
  • Beam - The smart, compact soundbar for TV, music, and more.
  • High definition sound - Experience rich, detailed sound for your TV that fills the entire room.
  • TV, music and more - Play music, TV, movies, podcasts, radio, audiobooks and video games.
  • Easy control - Control Beam with your voice, remote, the Sonos app, and more.
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback (Full HD (1920x1080) video support may vary based upon host device, file attributes, and other factors)

The Sonos Beam is yet another one of the best soundbars under $1000. It’s smart, compact, and able to deliver high-definition sound for a richer, more detailed sound that fills the entire room. 

It’s the perfect soundbar for movie and music lovers, as well as for those who love listening to podcasts, audio dramas, and audiobooks. Plus, you can control the soundbar in several ways without leaving your seat; via 1) voice command, 2) remote control, and 3) the Sonos App. 

With the Sonos Beam soundbar, you can turn any room into a theater within just seconds. It’s very easy to set up and doesn’t require too much space.


LG SK9Y 5.1.2 ch High Res Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos (2018)
  • Dolby Atmos - experience cinematic sound at home: with Dolby Atmos, the action can move anywhere in three-dimensional space, including Above the listener for the ultimate in Surround audio
  • High Resolution audio - digital music for audiophiles, with higher sampling rates and Bit depth, both of which can contribute to more accurate, more enjoyable music listening
  • Works with the Google assistant; Soundbar Standby Power Consumption: Less than 0.5W
  • Chromecast compatible - Google Chromecast works seamlessly with popular music apps like Pandora and Google play music, enabling wireless audio from a compatible phone or tablet, laptop or Chromebook
  • Wireless Surround Ready - this upgradeable sound bar has been designed to accept optional wireless Surround speakers (sold separately), adding home Theater audio of dedicated rear channels

Next on our list is the LG SK9Y, a soundbar designed with movie and music lovers in mind. On the outside, the soundbar looks incredibly slim, perfect for placing it under the TV without consuming too much space and clutter. On the inside, the LG SK9Y is powered by Dolby Atmos, filling your room with cinematic sound. 

The high-resolution audio of this soundbar will surely impress the audiophiles. Moreover, it works with Google Assistant, which you can use to play music by voice command, know what the weather is like, set the alarm, book restaurant reservations, or even get your questions answered. 

Most home theaters today are equipped with 4K resolutions TVs. And to give you full 4K home theater experience, this soundbar is a 4K pass-through, which allows for smoother and clearer audio quality. 

Are you loving LG SK9Y already? We sure are. Indeed, it is one of the best soundbars under $1000. 

YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar

YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers and Bluetooth
  • Built-in subwoofers for deep bass in one slim sound bar
  • Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue clarity
  • DTS Virtual: X virtual 3D surround sound
  • Bluetooth streaming that allows easy switching between two devices
  • Simple setup with HDMI or optical

A home theater isn’t complete without a high-quality sound system, and Yamaha got us covered. 

The Yamaha SR-B20A brags a plethora of features that really make it stand out from other standard soundbars. While this soundbar looks insanely slim on the outside, it has built-in subwoofers that provide rich, deep bass. 

It also sports Clear Voice technology, which enhances the clarity of dialogues, perfect for watching music videos, talk shows, heavy drama, and so much more. 

The DTS Virtual: X technology will instantly fill your room with sound, ensuring you get the most immersive experience every time. Plus, unlike other surround sound systems, Yamaha SR-B20A is easy to set up. You can connect it to your TV either via an optical audio port or HDMI. 

Lastly, this soundbar comes with a remote control. However, you may also control it via the Sound Bar Remote App. 

Bose Soundbar 500

Bose Soundbar 500 with Alexa voice control built-in, Black
  • Designed slim and engineered powerful for a better sound experience that won't get in the way of your TV screen
  • Built in voice assistants, like Alexa and the Google Assistant, with superior voice pickup from a noise rejecting eight microphone Array
  • With Wi Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple airplay 2 compatibility, you can wirelessly stream whatever you want, however you want
  • Play integrated music services like Spotify, music and audible through Bluetooth or Wi Fi connections
  • Control comes easy with three different ways to manage what you hear: voice, Bose music app, or included remote

Bose has proven its place when it comes to innovating the best audio accessories. They’ve created the best headphones and earphones, and they sure won’t be left behind when it comes to constructing the best sound systems. 

Have a look at Bose Soundbar 500—there’s so much about this soundbar that you love in and out. First, the slim design looks minimalistic and modern, perfect for any interior. But don’t get fooled by the skinny look. This soundbar is engineered to deliver rich and powerful sound. 

Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistants have been widely used today, and this soundbar keeps up with the pace. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to perform several tasks through voice commands. 

Polk Audio MagniFi Max Home Theater Soundbar

Polk Audio MagniFi Max Home Theater Sound Bar with 5.1 Dolby Digital Experience | Works with 4K & HD...
  • BIGGER, MORE DYNAMIC SOUND - Packed inside this slim and sleek sound bar 7 powerful drivers and tweeters produce exceptionally clear sound, more superior than any traditional sound bar
  • EXPERIENCE IMMERSIVE SURROUND SOUND WITH POLK's PATENTED SDA AUDIO TECHNOLOGY and 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS decoding that creates an expansive surroundstage and detailed stereo image delivering an...
  • Polk's exclusive Voice Adjust Technology even lets you INDEPENDENTLY CONTROL VOICE LEVELS maximizing sound clarity and minimizing voice delays and muzzled sounds. Equipped with INDEPENDENT MODES FOR...
  • WIRELESSLY STREAM MUSIC with GOOGLE CHROMECAST from your smartphone, tablet or other compatible Android devices for a multi-room system. You can now cast your favorite music tracks to your sound bar...
  • ENDLESS CONNECTION OPTIONS - 3 HDMI Inputs (HDCP 2.2 compliant), 1 HDMI-ARC output for connecting your smart TV and other devices, an Optical port for Blu-Ray players and set-top box, and an Auxiliary...

Polk Audio MagniFi soundbar doesn’t fall short of features. It has so much to offer to both movie lovers and audiophiles. 

The slim and sleek soundbar offers bigger and more dynamic sound with its 7 powerful driers and tweeters. The SDA Audio Technology built and patented exclusively by Polk, along with the 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, create an expansive surround sound and detailed stereo image, which fills the room with sound.

It is also powered by Voice Adjust Technology, the first of its kind made exclusively by Polk, which lets you independently control voice levels, allowing you to maximize the sound clarity adn minimize voice delays. 

Moreover, it is compatible with Google Chromecast, which means you can cast your favorite music tracks and listen wirelessly. You can also set the soundbar with your Google Home App. 


SAMSUNG HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio (2020)
  • BLUETOOTH TV CONNECTION - Connect listen enjoy Bluetooth TV connection connect via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite content without unsightly cables
  • POWERFUL BASS - Deep rich bass feel the action and the beat of the music with the rich bass from the wireless subwoofer
  • SMART SOUND - Optimized sound for your favorite content the soundbar detects what you’re watching and automatically optimizes the sound setting for the best entertainment experience. Whether it’s...
  • ONE REMOTE CONTROL - A world of sound with 1 remote is all you need control key soundbar functions like power volume and even sound effects with the Samsung TV remote - right from your TV
  • GAME MODE - Optimized gaming sound connect your console to the soundbar to boost your gaming experience optimize sound while offering clear directional sound to gain the advantage

Samsung HW-T450 knows exactly how to wow its users. To start, this soundbar can elevate your sound experience, thanks to its powerful, deep, and rich bass that lets you feel the action and the beat of the music. 

One of its unique features is the Smart Sound, which optimizes the sound depending on the content you’re watching, so you get an enhanced viewing experience. Whether you’re watching a loud sports event, a heavy drama, or an action movie, the soundbar will automatically adjust its settings that best suit your content. 

This is an inexpensive, easy-to-set-up sound system to upgrade your TV speakers. It produces clear and powerful audio with a bunch of other amazing features that will make your viewing experience much more enjoyable than when you use regular speakers.


And there you have it. Investing in a quality soundbar can go a long way. It can upgrade your TV viewing experience, giving you the same vibes as when you go to the cinema. They’re a great accessory to complete your home cinema experience. If you happen to have any of these soundbars, we’d love to know your thoughts about them in the comments section below. 

Related Questions

Are soundbars better than a home theater system?

Soundbars can deliver exceptional audio quality for movies, but they may lack a little depth when compared to home theater speakers. That explains why home theater speakers are way more expensive than most soundbars in the market.

Can soundbars do surround sound?

Yes. High-performance soundbars can produce surround sound, especially when they’re equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound format. 

The 9 Insane 4K Monitors for Video Editing

The 9 Insane 4K Monitors for Video Editing

If you’re in the video production industry, you sure know how a high-quality monitor can help you clearly visualize the effects and changes in the post-editing stage. Your monitor should be able to display true-to-life colors and show the fine details. Colors, most especially, should be well-balanced so you can modify your videos much easier. 

Although the market is loaded with tons of 4K monitors, there are a few out there that truly stands out. In this guide, we’ve listed the 9 most insane 4K monitors for video editing. Most of them are also suitable for any graphic design work and gaming. 

Our top 9 4K monitors for video editing

We’ve searched the internet for the best 4K monitors for video editing, and we’ve come up with this list. These professional 4K monitors will serve you well in your video production journey. 

First, you will enjoy viewing your content on a 1:1 scale. Then, it will also provide you with lots of working space, allowing you to open multiple applications at a time. 

Without further ado, here’s our list of 9 insane 4K monitors for video editing.

Acer Predator XB273K Gpbmiipprzx 27″ UHD

Acer Predator XB273K Gpbmiipprzx 27" UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Monitor with...
  • 27" UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) Widescreen IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Display
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (OverClocking to 144Hz) - Using 2 Display Ports
  • High Brightness and Contrast with VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400
  • DCI-P3 90% Wide Color Gamut; Optimize colors with quantum dot technology; No color difference with Delta E<1
  • Ports: 2 x Display Port v1. 4, 2 x HDMI v2. 0 and 4 x USB 3. 0 Ports (Display Port and USB Cable Included)

We’re starting this list with the amazing Acer Predator XB273K UHD monitor. This monitor is built with speed and performance in mind. The Acer Predator XB273K features an Ultra HD display with 4K resolution, with matching speed, color, and gaming performance. 

This 27-inch monitor supports 3840×2160 resolution, with an IPS panel that runs a blazing fast 144Hz refresh rate. It is also G-SYNC compatible, maximizing your experience both in professional and personal use. 

Acer Predator XB273K monitor also enhances the color vibrancy, thanks to its VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification. You can view the finest details in your video in their most accurate colors, made possible by the 90% DCI-P3 wide color gamut.

Overall, we can say that this Acer Predator is one of the best 4K monitors for video editing.

ViewSonic VP2768-4K PRO Professional 27 Inch 4K Monitor

ViewSonic VP2768-4K 27-Inch Premium IPS 4K Monitor with Advanced Ergonomics, ColorPro 100% sRGB Rec...
  • PREMIUM MONITOR: 4K UHD (3840x2160p) advanced ergonomic, 60Hz IPS monitor deliver lifelike colors perfect for office, graphic design, photographers and more
  • AMAZING AT ANY ANGLE: A four-sided ultra-thin bezel shows off more of your masterpiece, and less of the monitor
  • ULTIMATE COLOR ACCURACY: Screen wide sRGB, EBU, SMPTE-C, Rec. 709, and DICOM-SIM color spaces, Delta E<2 accuracy, and a smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colors deliver precise, lifelike images
  • HARDWARE CALIBRATION: Quick and easy calibration ensures that the color displayed perfectly matches the original file
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: The VP2768-4K supports laptops, PCs, and Apple/Mac operating systems with HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, USB, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort inputs

ViewSonic VP2768-4K brags a pile of features that you will definitely love. Right off the bat, this monitor features a stunning 4K ultra HD resolution, displaying more than 8 million pixels and 4x the resolution of a Full HD monitor. This ViewSonic monitor supports 3840×2160 resolution and displays images with ultimate clarity.

It also comes with an integrated color uniformity function that ensures the colors and luminance are consistent across the screen. This means you get scree-wide true color from edge to edge. 

Now let’s talk about the design. Not only is this monitor ergonomically built to reduce back and eye strain, but it’s also very aesthetic. The premium panel delivers vivid images and accurate colors, and the frameless design gives you a seamless viewing experience. 

Really, there is nothing not to love in this ViewSonic professional 4K monitor. 

EIZO CG279X-BK ColorEdge

EIZO CG279X-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor 27" Black
  • ColorEdge CG279X 27" 2560x1440 Hardware Calibration LCD Monitor (Black) - USB Type-C - DisplayPort - AC Power Cord - USB Cable - Screen Cleaner - Monitor Hood - Original Box
  • Built-In Sensor to Automate Your Workflow
  • ColorNavigator 7 Color Management Software
  • ColorNavigator Network Color Management Software
  • HDR Gamma Support

Next is the EIZO CG279X-BK ColorEdge monitor. This 27-inch monitor comes with the latest color management hardware and software (HLG and the PQ gamma curve), perfect for HDR video editing and graphic design work. 

This monitor also has a built-in sensor that you can set to calibrate the monitor automatically at specific times. With this, you don’t have to use a third-party calibration device just to ensure your monitor always stays color accurate. 

Further, it supports QHD wide 1440p resolution in its IPS LCD technology. Use the COlorNavigator 7 Color Management Software and ColorNavigator Network Color Management Software to set your color settings, lock them, and use them throughout your EIZO screens—these features will come in handy for small to big video production companies. 

All of these make the EIZO ColorEdge monitor one of the best monitors for video editing. 

Samsung UH850 Series 31.5 inch 4K QHD

Samsung Business UH850 Series 31.5 inch 4K QHD 3840x2160 QLED Desktop Monitor for Business, AMD...
  • 32-inch QLED hardware calibrated display provides an extremely sharp and color-accurate picture in stunning 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • 2 HDMI Ports, 1 DisplayPort, 1 mini DisplayPort, and a 4-port USB 3.0 Hub with fast charge capabilities provide a variety of ways to connect all your devices
  • VESA mount capability allows you to wall mount the display, while the included fully adjustable stand lets you adjust height, tilt, and swivel, as well as pivot for use in portrait mode
  • Supports adaptive sync for compatible computers with AMD FreeSync technology
  • 3-Year Business Warranty with extended warranties available for purchase

Samsung is a forerunner in the technology industry. They’ve produced the most insane mobile devices, home appliances, computers, and monitors. One Samsung monitor you should check out is the Samsung UH850 4K QHD. 

Enjoy exceptional picture quality and be productive with this 32-inch monitor with UHD 3840×2160 resolution, giving you ample space for displaying multiple applications. The QLED technology and Black Equalizer delivers precise and vibrant colors, which are ideal for video editing, photo editing, and other graphic design work. 

Plus, you’ll enjoy the wide 178-degree viewing angle, which will be great when collaborating with your colleagues or during team huddles. 

Samsung UH850 is one of the best 4K monitors for video editing. Make sure to check it out if you want a large UHD display. 

AOC U2790VQ 27″ 4K 3840×2160 UHD Frameless Monitor

AOC U2790VQ 27" 4K 3840x2160 UHD Frameless Monitor, IPS, 5ms, 1 Billion+ Colors, 108% sRGB, VESA
  • AOC 27” 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 UHD LED monitor
  • Ips panel with wide Viewing angles and produces over 1 billion colors for rich details
  • 3-Sided frameless design, ideal for seamless setup. Brightness (typical) - 350 cd/m²
  • 5ms response time for fast Responses
  • Accurate colors with over 99% sRGB & 90% NTSC color gamut coverage

AOC U2790VQ has features you don’t want to miss out on. First, let’s talk about the monitor itself. It is a 27-inch monitor with 3840×2160 4K Ultra HD resolution. It also features an IPS panel that offers wide viewing angles without ever compromising the colors. Plus, it has a fast response time of 5ms. 

Now about the design: AOC U2790VQ has a sleek and frameless design that gives off that modern vibe while maximizing the screen space. It also offers a bunch of connectivity options, allowing you to make a multiple monitor set-up easily. 

The IPS panel produces realistic colors, while the 4K Ultra HD resolution makes the pictures look sharper so you can see all the details. Meanwhile, the 10-bit wide color gamut provides smoother color transitions. 

With all these considerations, there’s no doubt that AOC U2790VQ is one of the best 4K monitors for video editing.

LG 27UK850-W 27″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor

LG 27UK850-W 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor with HDR10 with USB Type-C Connectivity and FreeSync, White
  • 27 inch 4k UHD resolution (3840 X 2160) IPS display
  • HDR 10 Compatibility
  • Response time 5ms / Refresh rate 60Hz / Contrast ratio 1000:1
  • USB Type-C connectivity and sRGB 99% color gamut
  • AMD Free sync technology

LG has always been known to be one of the forerunners in technology innovation. They’ve created the best smartphones and home and industrial appliances with features that are beyond impressive.

They also excel in producing top-quality and high-performing monitors. The LG 27UK850-W is one of the best LG monitors in the market, featuring a whole bunch of amazing features. 

First, this monitor is compatible with industry-standard HDR10 high dynamic range, which means it supports specific levels of brightness and color that exceed the capabilities of most monitors today. 

It also features a 99% sRGB spectrum, making it perfect for professional video editors, graphic designers, photographers, and content creators alike. And if you want to modify your monitor’s color settings, you can do so easily with the on-screen control. 

Outside, the LG 27UK8540-W is perfect and aesthetic. It features a borderless design, with an ultra-thin bezel that gives off a sleek, modern look. 

The verdict? This is one of the insane 4K monitors for video editing.

SAMSUNG 32-Inch UR590C UHD 4K Curved Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG UR59 Series 32-Inch 4K UHD (3840x2160) Computer Monitor, Curved, HDMI, Display Port, 3-sided...
  • 32 inch curved 4k monitor with an industry-leading 1500R curvature delivers an immersive and comfortable viewing experience.
  • CES 2019 INNOVATION Award Winner
  • Minimize eye strain during long working hours with Flicker free and eye saver mode reducing blue light emissions.
  • Widescreen monitor provides the enhanced productivity thru split screen functions like Picture-by-Picture (PBP), letting you connect to two devices while maintaining their original quality. Stand...
  • INCREDIBLY VIBRANT AND DARKER BLACKS with 1 billion colors, 2500:1 contrast ratio and multiple game mode support.

We can’t get enough of Samsung. Another impressive monitor from this renowned brand is the Samsung UR590C curved monitor. Let’s start with the monitor’s features and quality. 

The Samsung UR590C combines 4K UHD (3840×2160) with its advanced 1500R curved screen, delivering an immersive viewing experience. With the wide screen space, you can work on multiple projects at once. The curved screen, on the other hand, lets you enjoy a lifelike, realistic viewing experience. 

This monitor also comes with a UHD Upscaling feature, enhancing and upconverting your videos from SD, HD, and Full HD to a near 4K UHD-level picture quality. 

You will also love the 2500:1 contrast ratio of the screen, plus the fact that it supports a billion hues. Both features let the monitor produce a wide range of colors and deep blacks. 

Samsung UR590C looks premium, sleek, and stylish, too. It has a fabric-textured rear casing and bezel-less screen, making it look so slim yet sturdy. 

AOC CU32V3 32″ Super-Curved 4K UHD monitor

AOC CU32V3 32" Super-Curved 4K UHD monitor, 1500R Curved VA, 4ms, 121% sRGB Coverage / 90% DCI-P3,...
  • AOC 32" (31. 5" viewable) widescreen monitor with 4K UHD 3840x2160 resolution
  • Super-Curve 1500R VA panel that displays more accurate colors with wide-viewing angles that comform better to the natural curvature of your eyes
  • Super-Color Wide color gamut with 121% sRGB, 90% Adobe RGB and 89. 8% DCI-P3 area coverage for truer colors, ideal for graphics intensive work and viewing sessions
  • LowBlue mode that reduces the amount of harmful blue spectrum of light to help prevent damages. Powersource 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
  • FlickerFree panel that displays video signal without flickering backlighting for comfortable viewing without fatigue

AOC continues to prove that they make the best monitors in the market today. Another innovation from this company is the AOC CU32V3 monitor. This 32-inch monitor supports ultra-high definition resolution at 3840×2160, combined with the 1500r curved VA panel that lets you enjoy an immersive viewing experience.

Enjoy crystal clear 4K images with this monitor. It comes with high-performance panels with a high-density pixel count that makes your pictures come alive. The LowBlue Mode ensures your eyes are protected from potentially irritating blue light waves. 

On the outside, you will see the three-sided frameless bezel, making the monitor look attractive, modern, and premium. Is this the 4K monitor for video editing? Definitely yes. 

Asus VP28UQG 28″ Monitor 4K/UHD

ASUS VP28UQG 28" 4K/UHD 3840x2160 1ms DP HDMI Adaptive Sync/FreeSync Eye Care Monitor
  • 28 inches 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160) with 1ms response time and Adaptive Sync/AMD Free Sync for immersive, crisp visuals featuring Display Port and dual HDMI connectivity; Viewing Angle (CR≧10) :...
  • ASUS Eye Care technology lowers blue light and eliminates flickering to reduce eyestrain and ailments. Display colors is 1073.7 M 10 bit and maximum contrast ratio is 1000 : 1. It can allow a Adaptive...
  • 5 Way OSD joystick delivers intuitive monitor controls so you can access features such as ASUS Game Plus on the fly. Digital signal frequency for display port is 120 to 120 KiloHertz horizontal, 40 to...
  • Compliance and Standards EAC logo, Energy Star, BSMI, CB, CCC, CE, CEL level 1, FCC, PSB, PSE, RoHS, TCO7.0, UL/cUL, VCCI, WEEE, WHQL (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7), RCM, TUV Flicker free , TUV...
  • Exclusive Game Plus and Game Visual settings enhance color performance and control. ASUS Rapid Replacement 3 years warranty service. Tilt : -5 degree Plus-20 degree. Brightness(Max) : 300 cd

Asus is widely known for its top-notch gaming computers and laptops. They also have the best computer parts, accessories, and monitors. 

Take a look at the Asus VP28UQG. It’s a 28-inch 3K UHD display that gives stunning 3840×2160 resolution visuals and a pixel density of 157PPI, producing photo-realistic visuals and crisp text. 

Compared to other 28-inch Full HD 1080p display monitors, Asus Vp28UQG gives 4x the pixels, which allows for more detailed images when editing videos or photos. 

Moreover, this monitor is insanely fast, featuring a response time of 1ms. It also comes with Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync that eliminates choppy frame rates and screen tearing. 

In a nutshell, Asus VP28UQG is one of the best 4K monitors for video editing. 


Equip yourself with any of these 4K monitors, and you might find yourself getting the best video editing experience. The best thing about these monitors is that they possess features that aren’t just great for professional editing and for playing graphics-heavy videogames. 

Each has its unique features, and they vary in prices, but they share one thing in common: they provide an immersive, color-accurate display.

Related Questions

What are the pros and cons of a curved monitor?

Curved monitors are generally more expensive than flat monitors. They also usually don’t look good when mounted to a wall. Plus, some people notice screen distortions. 

On the other hand, curved monitors provide a more immersive viewing experience, something you would want if you are editing or viewing videos. They also offer more screen space, which comes in handy when opening multiple applications. 

Can I use a TV as a monitor?

Using a TV as a monitor can wear your eyes out. Plus, it can be very fatiguing to your eyes. Computer monitors are specifically designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue. 

Top 10 Best Portable Movie Projectors for iPhones

Top 10 Best Portable Movie Projectors for iPhones

Outdoor movie night? Why not! With a portable movie projector, you can set up your outdoor movie night real quick. The best thing about these portable movie projectors is that you can use them with your iPhone.

While a standard projector does the job pretty well, it’s not always the best idea to carry them around. Besides, most of them are designed for laptops and computers. When you’re on the go, the best projector to bring is one that’s light, compact, and portable but still able to give you the best viewing experience. 

Thanks to portable movie projectors, you won’t have to carry big, bulky, and loud projectors. If you’re searching for the best portable movie projectors for iPhone, then this guide is for you. 

Top 10 best portable movie projectors for iPhones

Whether you want a mini projector for entertainment or professional use, you want to get the one that can give you and your viewers the best viewing experience. You want something compact that you can easily carry around, with features that you can rely on. 

There are lots of options out there, so we sorted the best portable movie projectors for iPhones so you can shop with ease.

DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector

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DR. J mini projector is simply one of the best movie projectors for iPhone today. The brightness and contrast ratio—they’re incredible. It can support 1920×1080 resolutions, with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. 

Here are the key features of the projector: the lamp life is at 40,000 hours, and the aspect ratio is 4:3/16:9. As for the projector distance, it ranges from 1.5 to 5 meters. 

Another great thing about this projector is that it doesn’t limit you to connect with only iPhone devices. It is compatible with other devices as well, including laptops, tablets, game consoles, ChromeBook, Blu-Ray players, SD card, and so much more. 

Plus, if you have a surround sound system at home, you can connect it to DR. J mini projector for better sound quality. 

DBPOWER Upgraded 3500 Lux Mini Projector

DBPOWER Projector, Upgraded 3500 Lux Mini Projector, 50000 Hrs 1080P Supported Video Projector...
  • [UPGRADED WITH +70% BRIGHTERNESS]: DBPOWER RD820 mini projector upgraded to 3500lux, 70% brighter and 50% sharper image than other Mini projectors. Supporting 1920x1080 resolution, 2000:1 contrast...
  • [LARGE SCREEN SIZE EXPERIENCE]: This portable projector displays images from 32 - 170 inches, with a projection distance of 1-5m. Placing the projector at a distance of 1.8 to 2.0m, and adjusting...
  • [MULTIMEDIA VIDEO PROJECTOR]: The mini projector is compatible with Fire TV Stick, PCs, Laptops, Chrome Book, DVD players, SD Cards, USB, iphone and Smart phones . NOTE: When connected with...
  • [Upgraded FAN NOISE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM]: Thanks to continued improvements in development, this DBPOWER RD820 Movie projector adopts advanced pure copper tube cooling technology and the turbo fan is...
  • [3-YEAR WARRANTY]: Backed by a 3-YEAR warranty, you have nothing to worry about after purchasing our DBPOWER RD820 mini projector. Registering within 7 days after receiving your projector to active...

Second on our list is the DBPOWER Upgraded 3500 lux mini projector— it is genuinely a bang for your buck! This mini projector is far from small when it comes to features. It is equipped with Upgraded 3500 Lux Lighting Technology that allows for clearer and sharper rendering of images and videos. 

It has an advanced copper tubed cooling technology inside, partnered with a turbofan for a fast and silent high-performance. Plus, it has a built-in speaker that’s just simply impressive. 

When it comes to displaying, this projector can display images between 32 and 170 inches with 50,000 hours of lamp life. It supports 1920×1080 resolutions as well. 

Besides iPhones, you can also connect other devices to this projector via SD card, VGA AV, and HDMI. 

QKK Portable Mini Projector

No products found.

If you’re looking for the best movie projector for iPhones, you should check out QKK mini projector. Among other QKK projectors, this model has the highest native resolutions by far. Like the DBPOWER projector, this one supports 1920×1080 resolution and has an impressive 50-hour lamp life. 

Display-wise, it can project images at approximately 32 to 176 inches, ideal for viewing from a five-meter distance. 

Overall, QKK mini projector is perfect for both students and working professionals. It can render images at high resolution and with good vibrancy.

AAXA Technologies P300

AAXA Technologies P300 Neo LED Video Projector with 2.5 Hour Rechargeable Battery, Onboard Media...
  • NATIVE 720p HD RESOLUTION - Max 1080P input. 420 Lumens and Vibrant Color Technology provides crisp and clear image. 16:9 Aspect ratio
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - 2000mah Li-ion battery provides up to 2.5hrs of runtime (In Eco Mode) for Anytime Anywhere Projection. No need for bulb replacements with 30 ,000+ Hour Premium LEDs
  • EXTENSIVE INPUT OPTIONS - HDMI, Mini VGA, 3.5mm Aux Out, Composite A/V along with Micro SD and USB readers. ONBOARD MEDIA PLAYER and Built-in Speaker for Direct File Playback
  • ULTRA PORTABLE FORM FACTOR - 5.4" x 3.5" x 1.2" in size and weighs only 0.84 lbs. Fits nicely in your laptop bag or briefcase for travel and outdoor camping
  • PERFECT FOR BUSINESS AND HOME USE - Presentation, Gaming, Home Theater. Up to 120" screen (in low light conditions). Includes remote for easy navigation

It’s a mistake not to include AAXA Technologies P300 on this list of the best movie projectors for iPhones. This projector features a 1280×800 HD resolution, with an aspect ratio of 16:10, a 1080p max input, and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

Moreover, it offers different input options, including HDMI, mini VFA, USB port, and micro SD reader. When it comes to battery life, the lithium battery provides over 60 minutes of usage. 

It doesn’t end there. This mini projector has built-in speakers and a keystone correction—a feature to help you make the output rectangular and not trapezoid or distorted. 

Simply connect your iPhone to this projector using an HDMI cable, then you’re all set.

Vamvo L4200 Portable Video Projector

No products found.

Vamvo L4200 may be compact in size, but it’s massive in features. To start with, although small (measuring 9.64 x 6.53 x 3.2 and weighs 2.75 lb.), this projector has one of the highest definitions. 

The LED lighting gives up to 3800 lux brightness. It supports 1080 resolution and has an impressive 50,000 hours of lamp life. As for the displaying capabilities, this projector can reach up to 15 feet at 49 to 200 inches of image projection. Plus, Vamvo L4200 comes with a built-in speaker. 

Thanks to its input options, you can connect several other devices aside from your iPhone. It has USB, HDMI, and audio inputs. This means you can use this projector with your laptop, computer, Playstation, and other smartphones. 

In a nutshell, Vamvo L4200 is one of the best move projectors for iPhones.

Optoma ML750ST

Optoma ML750ST Ultra-Compact 700 Lumen WXGA Short Throw LED Projector with MHL Enabled HDMI Port
  • Compact size and carry case: weighing under one pound, This Palm sized mini projector is perfect for the road warrior; it fits easily in a briefcase or backpack, or in the carry case, included in the...
  • Short throw projection: easily project in tighter spaces; the ML750ST short throw lens allows users to place the projector less than 6 feet away from the screen and still enjoy a large 100" Image
  • LED light source: enjoy up to 20, 000 hours of life with its brilliant LED lamp, An average of 5 hours a day for 10 plus years; LED lamps last 7 times longer than traditional lamps which require more...
  • Easy set-up with auto Keystone: ideal for space constrained environments, The ML750ST can simply be placed and the auto Keystone sensor will straighten the image on the screen with no hassle
  • Brightness: enjoy 700 lumens of brightness in lower lit meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms and more

When searching for the best movie projectors for iPhones, you should consider checking out Optomo ML750ST. It has lots of amazing features that you simply should not miss out on. 

The Optoma ML750ST is perfect for both entertainment and professional use. Use it for your movie nights and school or work presentations. To start, you can enjoy up to 20,000 hours of lamp life with its brilliant LED lamp. Did you know that LED lamps last 7 times longer than traditional lamps?

The short-throw projection of Optoma ML750ST makes it ideal to use in tight spaces, as it can easily project your images/videos. It also allows you to place the projector less than 6 feet away from the screen and still enjoy a 100-inch image. 

Another prominent feature of this projector is its brilliant projection, thanks to the technology inside it: 700 ANSI lumens, auto keystone, 20,000:1 contrast ratio, and Rec709 color accuracy.

Varmax LED Home Projector

Varmax LED Home Projector Mini Compatible with Chromecast Fire Stick iPhone& Android Support HD...
  • 🌼[Authentic Brightness] Equipped with 24 built-in LED Bulbs in a compact size projector, FULL 1200 luminous efficiency. 1500:1 contrast, can present to you splendid / distinguished visual...
  • 🌼[Quality Cooling System and Lifespan] Unique 3 Built-in Fans support the projector for long time running (9 hours Non-stop) and long lifespan (Designed for 50,000 Hours, but please avoid overheat...
  • 🌼[Enjoy Bigger than Bigger] There are 5 ports on the projector: HDMI, USB, Speaker Input, AV, VGA. With HDMI Cable(included in package), the projector can be connected with your Roku, Chromecast,...
  • 🌼[Home Theater and Outdoor Parties] Provides Max 120 inches (range from 35-120 inches) image size display, with a built-in Speaker (External speakers Support). Small size, portable, call your pals...
  • 🌼[Upgraded Warranty and Support Team] 2 Months refund * 6 Months replacement* 1 Year Warranty* Our professional Support team and customer service team will stand by you when this projector is...

Our list of the best movie projectors for iPhone includes the Varmax LED home projector. It features 1200 lumens, making it ideal to use even in bright daylight. 

This projector is compatible with iPhones and DVD players, Chrome Stick, Fire Stick, USB drives, and PlayStation. 

Now to the specifics: the contrast ratio is 1500:1, higher and better than other mini projectors. It supports 1080 resolutions with a max image display of 120 inches. 

Apeman Mini Video Projector

No products found.

Despite being small, Apeman mini video projector has a lot of features to brag about. It can project images at crisp quality at an image size of 30 inches to 100 inches.

This is also ideal for HD movies, thanks to its upgraded DLP technology, this projector is 70% brighter, more vivid, and 50% sharper. It supports full HD 1080P videos with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. Enjoy watching your favorite movies on a big screen within 1 to 4-meter distance. 

Other projects can be loud, but not Apeman video projector. The super-low noise is perfect for parties, traveling, camping, and home cinema. 

This projector offers extensive connectivity. Use this with your iPhone, TV Box, DVD, laptop, PlayStation, and other devices via HDMI port. 

VicTsing WiFi Projector

No products found.

The VicTsing WiFi Projector is your go-to portable projector for movie nights and school or work presentations. Compact in size but massive in features, this projector offers 4200 lumens of brightness and an impressive 2000:1 contrast ratio. 

Unlike other projectors, this one can connect to your iPhone either wirelessly or via a charging cable. That said, you can take complete control of your phone even when you’re a few meters away from the projector. 

Aside from these features, the VicTsing projector is compatible with other devices, including DVD, PC, Blu-Ray player, Micro SD card, TV Box, game consoles, and so much more. The fan installed inside it also allows for silent but fast-response performance. Plus, the built-in speakers render high-quality audio, perfect for watching films. 

For better sound quality, you can connect an external Bluetooth speaker to this projector. 

Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector

NEBULA Anker Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector, Black, 100 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, 360°...
  • Remarkable Clarity and Contrast: DLP's advanced IntelliBright algorithms deliver a remarkably bright 100 ANSI-lumen image. (Recommended for use in dimmer environments.)
  • 360° Speaker: Equipped with a powerful omnidirectional speaker, this mini projector pumps out sound all around.
  • Home Entertainment: Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and more up to 100 inches big anywhere in your home thanks to Capsule’s soda can-sized design.
  • Android 7.1: Run streaming and media apps flawlessly. Seamlessly display content from Netflix, Youtube, and more on your mini projector for endless entertainment.
  • NOTE: Copyrighted content from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services CAN NOT be mirrored or screencast. Download and use the apps directly through Capsule portable projector to view copyrighted content...

It would be a mistake not to include Nebula Capsule Mini Projector on this list. It is straight-up one of the best portable movie projectors for iPhone that you can find today. 

As the name suggests, this capsule projector has the size of a soda can. Really, this projector weighs only 15oz. And yet, it has several functions that will not disappoint you. For one, it offers several input methods, including HDMI, USB, and wireless screen-casting. 

Moreover, it has an omnidirectional, 360-degree speaker that pumps out sound all around, making sure you get the best viewing experience no matter where you are in the room. The battery life is also impressive, lasting up to 4 hours.


And that’s about it. Each mini projector on this list has its unique features. They also vary in size, performance, and price tag. When choosing a projector, always pick the one that meets your needs, whether for personal or professional use. 

Gather your family and friends for movie nights, or impress your boss with a powerful presentation with these best portable movie projectors for iPhones. 

Related Questions

When buying a portable movie projector for iPhone, what should I look for?

There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing a portable projector, but in our opinion, the things to consider are the throw distance, image display size, and projector brightness. If you are to use your projector during the daytime, choose projectors with a minimum of 2500 lumens. For ambient, low-light environments, you need a minimum of 1500 lumens. 

What lumens do I need for a projector?

Projector brightness is measured in lumens. Generally, for home theaters where light is kept at a minimum, it’s best to use projectors with a minimum of 1500 lumens. For classrooms or rooms with windows, we recommend using projectors with at least 2000 lumens.